How to easily

Remove the car radio

On the right there is a Ford Mondeo getting it’s radio removed using Removal keys

Getting started

you may need to remove the car radio:

Modern car radios that are built into the dashboard may allow you to get the serial number from the display, try going through the menu options, ford car radios allow you to press 1-6 together to go through the menu sequence, or try the car/radio manual. The serial number can also be found on the stereo label, this is situated at the rear or side of the radio.

Order from us

Order your car radio unlocking code:

Use any device to order your car radio unlock code from us, most orders are processed instantly by the secure PayPal website, PayPal is safe and secure, PayPal guarantees your purchase.

We deliver your code

Entering your car radio code into the radio:

Most car radios will accept the unlocking code simply by using the preset buttons, i.e press 1 repeatedly until you get to the desired digit then move on to pressing 2 repeatedly until you get the second required digit, there are many guides on YouTube, just search for your stereo manufacturer.

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