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 How long does it take to receive my code?

99% of our radio decodes are sent out within the hour from 9 am until 7pm . orders after this will be delivered the following day. In some cases where we have to request the radio serial from the main database service it may take longer with the longest wait times of 24 hours, we currently have a 2017 average of 48 minutes waiting time for decodes that require us to connect to the man database.
 Is the code we supply guaranteed to work?

All of our radio codes are official radio unlocking codes - guaranteed to work for the unit as purchased. if for some reason the radio code does not work it will probably be that the unit has been recoded in the past, in this case the only way to decode the radio is manually via a local garage, car audio specialist or direct via the dealership.
How do i find my serial number?

Most radio serial numbers are found on the radio’s label located on the top or side of the radio’s casing. In some cases such as Ford and Honda radios, the serial can be obtain by pressing and holding buttons 1 and 6 or 2 and 6 on the radio unit this will display the radio serial on the display screen. We recommend checking out the  radio code videos from the drop down menu above for further information on retrieving your radio serial.
Is the payment process secure?

We only use PayPal to process our payments, we only accept online payments, this has yours and our best interests at heart, PayPal is very secure, your payment details are kept private, only PayPal will see your payment details and will not be shared with a third party.
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