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Simple 3 Step Process To Get Your Honda Car Radio Code .See Below logo





Honda Car Radio Unlock Code, Order Your Code Here:






We can unlock Honda car radios if your serial starts with BP, U ,L i.e BP1234567890

Please find your serial by looking on the stereo label, You may need (radio release keys) Click here for more info on radio release keys and how to buy from amazon.

Or by pressing 1-6 repeatedly to go through the menu on your radio. 


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Now you have your serial you are ready to order your Honda Car Radio Unlock Code:


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Car Radio Code From Anywhere:

You can use any device anywhere in the world to order a car radio unlock code from us, Use your moble, tablet or p.c

How Do We get the unlocking code to you?

You can choose how you want to receive your unlock code, we can email, text or give you a call, Simply leave instructions on the order form page and leave the rest to us.

How do I order a car radio code?

Our video opposite will show you step by step how to order. Its very simple and with a few clicks you can order a car radio unlock code.

We only take payment online and we only use Pay Pal as a payment method, this protects both you and us.

If you do not have a PayPal account don't worry, its easy and free to set up.


Car Radio Codes - Clients Testimonials

How To Guide On Unlocking A Car Radio

Use our guides below to help you get your radio unlocked.

1.You may need to remove the car radio:

remove car radio image 

Modern car radios that are built into the dashboard may allow you to get the serial number from the display,

 try going through the menu options, ford car radios allow you to press 1-6 together to go through the menu sequence, or try the car/radio manual.

The serial number can also be found on the stereo label, this is situated at the rear or side of the radio.


2 .Order your car radio unlocking code:

how to order a radio code

Use any device to order your car radio unlock code from us, most orders are processed instantly by the secure paypal website, paypal is safe and secure, paypal guarantees your purchase.

3 .Entering your car radio code into the radio

enter code in serial 

Most car radios will accept the unlocking code simply by using the preset buttons, i.e press 1 repeatedly until you get to the desired digit then move on to pressing 2 repeatedly until you get the second required digit, there are many guides on YouTube, just search for your stereo manufacturer

Below is a video on how to remove a AUDI radio using removal keys.

Stereo removal keys can be purchased from Amazon by clicking ; Car Radio Release Keys. The removal keys are very inexpensive and he correct way to remove a radio.


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Here are a few words from our customers.

I have a ford car and had to have some repair work done which meant taking out the battery and resetting my system. I sent a request through at 10pm on Wednesday night and got a code within an hour by text. Excellent work all for 2.99! .

Paid my money received my code and now my radio works. About time too, as my radio was off for18 months. I even bought a solar radio to listen too while I was driving about and that cost three times as much as it did for the radio code.


Excellent service very cheap the cheapest out there that's genuine also for piece of mined they will give you youR,money back if they can't help with your code . it's also cheaper than the ford stealers asking for £20 quid I was juvious at first not knowing the site but I needed a code so I gave it a go I also looked at reviews that helped my decision and not only that you can pay with PayPal which I don't buy nothing unless it's paypal used..good old paypal the site is very simple to use thanks I may use you again in the future I will definitely recommend your company I rate this company 10/10 I also want to give ford a big massive middle finger because ford deserve it ......thanks regards mark .

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