90%-95% Of Car Radios Can Be Unlocked

Simply by using one of our decoders.

If your battery has gone flat or the stereo has lost power due to a service or battery change cold weather etc it will need a code.

We have the software that can unlock 90%-95% of car radios simply by entering your serial into the software.

Once you purchase this software it can be used over and over and over again.

Here is an image of just 2 of the 20+ decoders we send you instantly for only £3.99p

ford m decoder blaupunkt decoder

We send you over 20 decoders, INSTANTLY!!

For a one off £3.99p

No waiting for an item in the post, you get it to your email inbox immediately

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These are the same decoders the professionals use.

Why pay the car dealer £10+ for just one code?

Use as many times as you like, there is no limit and no more fee's EVER!!

If you want us to supply just one code click here, for ford v serials click here

Some of the radios unlockable are:

Audi, vw, Alfa romeo blaupunkt, car300, clarion, citreon, daewoo, ford, Fiat, Fiat Stilo, grundig, hyudai, Landrover, mercedes, phillips, peugeot, renault, travel pilot, volvo

For ford v serial please click here



Because the file we send is so big you will need to unzip it, use a tool like winzip or the free one by

clicking here

Unlock many radios

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Because the decoders can be used over and over again you can unlock your radio, your friends radio, as many as you like as often as you like


image of radio input code

If you need help in generating your code please use the contact form.

You will need your stereo serial number to generate the unlock code, this can be found by looking on the rear of the radio, please note, sometimes the serial and model numbers are required for unlocking


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