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About Us

A.D. Founder is a company trying to help the world cope with those long drives to work and play when you have no music. plans to accomplish this by selling the original factory unlock code that your radio was born with upon manufacture.
The trust pilot reviews alone should be enough to make this a brand worthy of your attention (and money) but also the story of how founder Allen Dempsey started this business from home way back in 2006. Both humanize the brand, company, and product which should motivate you into purchasing a radio code in the trust that we deliver.

M.K. Sourcing

Mike Knight- responsible for locating databases and sources for unlocking radios. Mike has contacts with suppliers from as far as China and Colombia, and connections with Vauxhall, Ford and VW, due to the ever expanding and evolving world of the car radio it is necessary for mike to be up to date and and on the ball when locating radio code decoding software, hardware and tools.

N.S. Processing

Nick Smith- Order processing, nick is the guy who processes all the emails, from new orders to to general enquiries, answers the phone and keeps the front end of ticking over.


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We are an unlocking service, We provide the code for you to unlock your stereo yourself, We will not be held responsible for any damaged caused by misuse of the code, The money back guarantee refers to the ability of us producing a code and not a guarantee product will work as some radios may be faulty or blocked.

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We will endeavour to deliver your item by digital delivery instantly, However due to server downtime and faults we therefore have a maximum 24 hour delivery time, No resposibility will be taken for items that are unable to be delivered due to your email server faults, downtime etc. If your code is generated through our database and the database is unavailable due to fault or updating we will not be giving a guarantee and your code will be supplied as soon as the database is available.

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Simple 3 Steps to Find Your Serial

radio removal guide image
  Remove the car radio from the dashboard to find the label and serial numbers printed on it.
    Some vehicles will show serial on the display by repeatedly pressing 1-6 together or 2-6 together
                                 Also try looking in your car radio user manual or car manual for the serial .

image of laptop
    Use our order menu by clicking Here and order a code,
 Simply click on your manufacturer, and complete the online order form.
 You can chose to receive your code by email or text, all payments secure via paypal.

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After you make payment we will process your order, some codes will be sent immediately,
 however some radios can take up to 12 hours to get a code from the universal database.
We will send your code via email or text (chose on order form)
 Insert the unlock code we sent you into the radio using the preset buttons, then press 5 or enter
Your radio will now be unlocked and useable again.
note: PayPal will not always process your payment instantly, for this matter your code may take longer to arrive.

Is Your Stereo Blocked and useless?

Step 1 Before you purchase a code from us we recommend you first ensure your radio is not blocked, If it is blocked due to too many wrong unlock codes been entered then im afraid the stereo is now useless and can not be unblocked.  first turn the radio on, and try to enter the first digit of any code. "ONLY THE FIRST DIGIT" If this is ok, immediately turn the radio off, your are now ok to order a code. proceed to step 2 If you find that you are unable to enter any digits, leave your radio powered up for 1 hour to reset it's self, and Then entering a unlock code from us should be possible. If this fails the unit may need specialist decoding from your main dealer or it may be blocked a new radio can be purchased.
Step 2. Find Your Serial and Model Number: The next step of unlocking your car radio is to find the stereo serial numbers - model numbers and any other numbers that may be needed, all this info is on the stereo label, normally found on the rear or side of the stereo, The video opposite is a brief tutorial on how to remove your stereo from the dash board, The video uses removal keys, See here for removal keys, Once you have removed the stereo from the dashboard you will see the radio label, make a note of all the numbers/letters and the stereo manufacturer, just because your stereo is in a ford or Vauxhall it does not mean the stereo is made by them. The most popular stereo manufacturer is blaupunkt.

Step 3 How To Get Your radio Code you can order your car radio code by selecting your stereo manufacturer from the drop down menu opposite. By making a selection you will be directed to the order page. Before you order a radio code from us please be aware - not all radios can be unlocked by remote decoding code, sometimes specialist software and a cable connected to your radio/car is needed, we do not offer this cabled service but some car dealerships and garages do. Sometimes a stereo may be blocked, this is when too many failed attempts at inputting an unlock code has occurred and the radio has blocked you out, your stereo is now useless. Your stereo may be faulty or had its code changed from the original factory code it was given when manufactured, If this is the case then the stereo is useless. The service we offer is to generate your unlock code by using your serial or model number or a combination of both, the decoders we have cover a vast range of radios but not all of them, we can only unlock the radios listed at and only if you can supply the serial and model number exactly as we show. If your radio is faulty the code we supply will not work. If your radio is blocked the code we supply will not work. If your radio had its original factory code changed the code we supply will not work. WE CAN ONLY UNLOCK THE RADIOS WE ADVERTISE ON OUR WEBSITE, DO NOT ORDER IF YOUR RADIO IS NOT SHOWN.